Maybe I came late

Maybe I came late…

to your disintegrated nest,


on the bulked tree

without roots.

The early migrants

have taken what they have found

what they could

from your bed

of a revolutionary man.

When I arrived

I only found dried flowers

and a snail

that was creeping

to stain me,

so it can swallow

the silken moment

that I knitted

with the light rain

of February

to raise again

your nest

without a bird’s song


Mirela Sula



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4 responses to “Maybe I came late

  1. beautiful…what a way with words you have

  2. Thank you David. Yes, everyone has his/her own way 🙂

  3. I love this it is very pretty. Brings to mind the beginning of fall.

  4. Thank you Kim. I appreciate your “silent” and very kind comments 🙂

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