Better go

Better go

Giddily I daily pause,
on the recollection path that takes me to you.
Crucified by fear, I’m held-up sluggish.
Too late for retrieval
where I couldn’t be anymore, sentenced.
I had a long unconscious walk
to escape from my destiny, my own destiny.
In my fist I now clench my little prayers,
So that wind brings me to your land, my friend.

From another world, erratic you appear
to wake me up, me, the lonely person,
me, once numbed,
in love with nothing.
Now I wake up and feel blurred,
Going and coming…

You better go while I’m not awake
in this world which is not mine
another night soon will come.
You better go, don’t cause me pain
again my morning
fortuneless in my bed will dawn…

Author: Mirela Sula


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