World of a twofold vision

The evil-boding wind 
no more space.
The already unexpected and I
rolling on. 
I lose balance 
in front of prohibited tables
and temptations
 which mix up
 my train of bubbling thoughts. 

though strange, none walks
but me.
Flinging all my doors open,
Other people push me,
pierce my body
 with their glances
 my suspicious march
toward the orbit
of pending eyes.
Still I run after
nothing is as it used to be.

God says:
 “Love man because you are him!”
 but I don’t know
 who is and who is not human. 

Author: Mirela Sula (Published in the book “Map of pain”, 2004)



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3 responses to “World of a twofold vision

  1. very nice and compelling.

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