I am a child

I wake up early

under the shade of poppy reds

like a kid growing in one night

toddling crucified,


craving to conquer the world and you.


recollection filaments

grasped like my past

on the hair of my destiny

expectant of expectancy…


I hurry up

to create the idol of my day.

In love with nothing

I enjoy phantom messages.



I can’t stand still

I run…

not to be crushed as if I were small,

or weak,

on days seduced

by nonexistent satisfactions.



I late repose…

like returning from a lost bid

at a Prince’s ball with fake lavish

searching  for my lost shoe.

Like in a fairytale, waiting,

to wake up again…

on a moony midnight

neglected by toys

fallen throughout the little house

I run to build sand castles

from sweet lies upraised…




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4 responses to “I am a child

  1. nicely done. i can see this from a couple aspects. the one from being a kid and wanting it all and then seeing things not work out as hoped. but i certainly see this from that of the writing process.

  2. edliragjoni

    I like the child in you 🙂

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