I was a bird
For you
I flew from heights
to be closed
in your cage

Now, you say

 “You are free, run away …”

What to do with my freedom
without arms?
I’m afraid to fly …




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8 responses to “Once

  1. Very sad and learned helplessness is tragic. Still, there is tomorrow and always hope…really a treat to read your work

  2. Yes, you have already realized that ‘tomorrow’ is always there…seated in all poems…^^) I was not aware about that but you are making me reflect… Thank you David )))

  3. been there and felt that before. nice imagery here.

  4. Wow! Deeply told. So dependent you don’t know how to be free. Sad.

  5. that’s so very well done.

  6. Thank you Mr.Rich 🙂 I appreciate!

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