I need to stop
to have a rest in the waiting bench
of the hard way
to leave you
I feel powerless
to follow
I am not able
to love you
feeling humiliated
I need your permission
to fly
in our arena of love
for a man like you
I have no weapons to fight



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10 responses to “END

  1. that arena is very well-said, great job 🙂

  2. excellent as the last two lines speak heavy to me. i can see it as to the romance with romantic and also through the personal. for me some just want to fight all the time.

  3. Hopelessly desperate…I pray for her to fly and soar as high as she can…

  4. relationships and love shouldn’t be a “fight.” but sadly, they sometimes are.

  5. You said above “this is just a poem” – I’d like to think that about some of mine but I always know they’re more than that…whether I want to admit it or not. I always enjoy reading yours!

  6. Yes Sheila, you are right 🙂

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