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the time 00:00 (midnight);

Sunday hugged Saturday,

and I struggle with your silence
I punish myself by waiting and wanting to believe….
You are switched off!
a time when everyone switches to himself,
where instead I

shadow your soul

without touching you,
yet, you haven’t granted me with the permission to stay,
that’s why I protect myself
from the mirage of midnight …..

That plays with my passion.

caught on a hair of illusions,

At night, I don’t put barriers to my soul.


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Don’t wait for me

You push me….

“How much time do you need to trust me”?

How much time to get to you?

One side of me is in denial,

I feel like a victim

of the aggressor

who still holds me in the wide open.

How do I protect myself?

Such a great love can leave you bare.

I become a martyr

for a little matter of time with you

the weight of my limited knowledge is                            

strangling me                 

the unknown of your mister is pushing to see

what is behind…,

if your passion can really be divided

for the better, go,

don’t wait for me.

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