To acknowledge the past

To acknowledge the past does not mean to give up when facing it but to feel the pain and the loss that the past has written in the book of your history. With acceptance comes the freedom, allowing us to move forward, the potential of our present and the possibility for future freedom from emotional pain. Do you often believe that life is a book where sometimes it has nice chapters and sometimes painful chapters? In many cases we do not know what the new chapter will bring about; therefore, if we do not pass the page, then we will never know what is waiting for us, nor will we know the end. However, many people do not want to know the end; it is their right to decide if they want to pass to the next page or if they want to close the book without reading it to the end. There are cases where the continuing on the path will face us with painful memories, and to walk through them it means to face them. Of course this is not easy if we decide to face the pages of the past we will have to forgive, and forgiveness is a process that requires courage. In my job I have met many people who are unable to forgive because to do this it requires great mental power, to allow to open all chapters and analyze their meaning in order. There are people who are unable to endure this process.




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