Don’t let your mind go

Don’t let your mind go

When I started to write this book, the goal was to focus on the mind which is our rich and inexhaustible centre, without which we cannot survive. The mind is the book where we write our own history, is a means that makes available an infinite number of pages and often after every chapter it is possible to start a new story, which it is not necessarily connected to the first story. There may be the same characters, similar locations, but the mind is vast and carries with it an extraordinary power to change us without changing the history of the past event but only our perception and wisdom that we need to continue in the new chapters.

Do not go to graze where others push you, but create your own garden…

I decided one day to learn the story of my past by heart. After numerous attempts to forget my past and sometimes even to deny it, one day I started to become conscious that this was not the right way to liberate myself from my past. I felt the ease from unloading the burden, only when I decided to accept my story and to forgive all of those who laid heavy burden on my past. The first were my parents; no matter how I felt, they still decided to get divorced, and that event that not only devastated them, but also it shook me and my little brother. After this trauma, nobody laid their eyes and us, listened to us, or provided us with an affectionate cessation. The past history of our childhood was written by them and we as children had no other choice but to let things happen. One day when I grew up and I became responsible to take my own history into my hands, I looked back and I felt a lot of pain. I had to make a decision, to let the pain of my past defeat me, become weight that I would carry around, which would hold me back, or I had to move forward and start to write a new chapter. The thing I did was I met face-to-face with my past and the journey I took to visit all of its dark roots. This was the only way I could believe it myself and the past would never deny me my history, regardless of how it was written. Only this way I was able to face the people who had hurt me and find strength to forgive them. Because I understood that only by forgiving them I would be able to be liberated from the past even though on this journey it may be that I will meet the same people. In chapters that I started writing, I did not leave out the characters of my past, simply, I assigned the roles to them and dictated their positions they held against me.



December 26, 2013 · 11:07 am

2 responses to “Don’t let your mind go

  1. What a good tactic. Wishing you the best in 2014

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