Where should I leave my memories?

Where should I leave my memories?

Where should I leave my memories?
I made my suitcase ready.
The veil my mother bought, when she sent me as a bride,
I put it on my head.
I nicely folded the blouse that I bought when I started a new job.
Red, that sparks the cold blood of the years being unemployed.
Always and everywhere I will need a job.
I did not think long, not even for my light sweater which used to soften my tension on many dark nights.
I will need it again.
I will even need my wide coat.
It covered my unwanted body parts,
every time I felt guilty about my extra pounds.
I will take my high heels.
They made me taller and more mature as I learned how to walk,
keeping my balance.
I will take everything that I need,
even the pencil with which I have expressed my latest secrets,
even the photographs that uncover a few moments of happiness.
There have been good memories,
I made some space for them also in a suitcase.
But how can I leave the bitter out?
No matter where I go my past will follow me.
Where can I go to hide away from it?

– Mirela Sula –
From the book, “Return to Self”


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December 26, 2013 · 10:45 am

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